We Provide The Following SQI Reports:

Vehicle Conversions / Modifications
1.Goods vehicle change in body type, i.e horsebox, recovery conversion

When changing the body of a goods vehicle, we can supply the relevant paperwork for CVRT (modifications report) or paperwork in order to change the body type on registration book, (Declaration of Vehicle Conversion).

2.Camper Van conversions

To be deemed a motor caravan/motor home, a vehicle must be constructed to provide living accommodation which contains at least the following equipment:

  • Seats and table
  • Sleeping accommodation which may be converted from the seats
  • Cooking facilities
  • Storage facilities

All equipment must be rigidly fixed to the vehicle apart from the table which can be desiged to be easily removed.

The living accommodation space should be of a size and area to allow a comfortable living environment for a person or persons for an extended period of time. This would generally require the whole of the rear compartment of a vehicle, behind the driver’s compartment, to be utilised for this purpose, such that the occupants have ready access to storage, preparation, cooking, eating, sleeping and related facilities from within the living space. It would be expected that the living accommodation would have side windows and where cooking is by means of gas, a GAS Installer Certificate is available. Revenue will not accept a candidate in which the preparation, cooking, storage or other facilities are only accessible from outside the vehicle. VRT on Motor Caravans is charged at 13.3 % of the open market selling price. Any conversion requires a Declaration of Vehicle Conversion, images of conversion and conversion costs which includes invoices/receipts.

3.SQI report for VRT purposes

VRT may require an SQI report when the registration certificate does not state the correct body type or actual number of seats.

4.RSA modification report for NCT/CVRT

CVRT/NCT may require a modification report were a vehicle has a change in body type, a change in the number of seats, modified chassis or repairs carried out to the chassis/frame of the vehicle due to corrosion.

5.Safety Belt Certification

Bus owners must present this documentation at the road worthiness test which confirms that the safety belts fitted meet a minimum standard

If you are thinking of re-classing your vehicle ABC Motor Engineers can help you in a number of ways:

Prior to converting you vehicle we provide comprehensive explanation, outlining the step by step process involved when converting your vehicle and knowledgeable advice relative to the guidelines and regulations to re-class your particular make and model.

When you have your vehicle conversion carried out independently, ABC Motor Engineers can carry out the inspection on your vehicle and supply the relevant paperwork in line with RSA requirements.


All of our engineers are SQIs (suitably qualified individuals) and full members of the IAEA and can assist you in the criteria needed to convert your vehicle.

If you have any questions relating to your vehicle conversion process, Please contact us, we will happily assist you.

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